Sunday, 30 June 2013

Upcoming Performance at Exeter Taiko Festival

Everyone has been working hard practising for the Exeter Taiko Festival.

We will be playing two pieces - one is a Flamenco piece called 'Olé'  designed by the group.
The word "Olé!" probably comes from the Arabic and could be from the word 'Allah', but it is widely used in bullfighting in Spain to mean Bravo! In Flamenco it is used to signify that the dancer or musician has excelled him/herself - let's hope that will be true of us!

The other piece is called Dragon and Phoenix and is based on some rhythms Dee and John learnt as exercises with Hiroshi Motofuji on the Asian Music Summer School. You can see Motofujisan's awesome playing on this video.

We will also be playing in Exeter town centre with three of our older pieces on Saturday morning. We are the first group to play so are looking to wake Exeter up by making some noise!

Players at the Taiko Festival will be Anna, Doreen, Steve, Michelle, Shirley, Sandra, Penny, Gaynor, Ena, John and Dee.

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